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Founder, Editor-in-Chief and Podcaster


Jarnard has been immersed in the media industry since 2006, beginning his journey in radio before making his way to California. At Fox6 (later rebranded as CW6), he honed his skills as a floor director, camera operator, and audio operator.

His tenure at U-T TV saw him take on roles as an audio operator and video editor, quickly ascending to the position of Entertainment Producer. There, he created compelling content, crafted stories, filmed segments, and edited episodes for the renowned show Night + Day TV, featuring esteemed hosts Chris Cantore, Michelle Guerin, and Amber Mesker. Along the way, Jarnard fostered strong connections with a diverse range of clients, including artists, restaurant owners, music management firms, bar owners, local PR agencies, event coordinators, and comedians. His relationships flourished with notable entities such as Stone Brewing Company, Alternative Strategies, Epic Records, San Diego County Fair, San Diego Music Foundation, Splash, OlivePR Solutions, J Public Relations, The Nth Element, Luxuria PR, Baybird PR, and other esteemed PR agencies in San Diego.

Additionally, Jarnard played a pivotal role in launching video content for DiscoverSD (now part of PACIFIC Magazine) and the San Diego Union-Tribune. His consistent video contributions encompassed popular series like "San Diego: This Weekend," "Taco Tuesday," "New Music Out This Week," "This Weekend's Movie Preview," and "Meet the Bartender." He achieved remarkable success by spearheading well-received columns for the San Diego Union-Tribune and DiscoverSD, such as "San Diego: This Weekend," "Discover Happy Hour," "This Week's Top Concerts in San Diego," and "Mixology 619." Thanks to his social media expertise, he also became a top-ranking weekly social author at the San Diego Union-Tribune.

In 2016, Jarnard departed from the San Diego Union-Tribune to embark on a new venture - his own media company, Nardcast Media. Through Nardcast Media, he offers video and photo services to a wide array of brands. Some notable collaborations include iTAN, Oggi's, Bottlecraft, OMBAC, Pacific Restaurant Group, Jägermeister, NBC, California Live, YWCA, Alzheimer's San Diego, Bevnet, Nextdoor, Words Alive!, and many more.

Guided by his team, Jarnard Sutton's mission is to provide San Diego with captivating content, spanning engaging articles, entertaining podcasts, visually appealing videos, and high-quality photos.

In addition to his blog and media company, Jarnard also embarked on a new venture with the launch of NARDVILLAIN, a dynamic brand centered around creating content for Sims 4 enthusiasts. With relentless dedication, he successfully monetized NARDVILLAIN across various platforms, amassing an impressive following of over 200k across multiple channels. Jarnard's vision for NARDVILLAIN extends beyond its current achievements, as he aims to foster collaborations with other brands and explore avenues for additional revenue streams, propelling the brand to new heights.

For insights into his personal life, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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