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Shady Francos set to release new EP

Be on the look out for a new EP being released by the garage rock band Shady Francos, formally known as The Nformals. I can guarantee you that this three piece band will deliver powerful and upbeat music on this EP. I had the opportunity to listen to their latest single "Soggy Diner Toast" and it's amazing. The EP is called "Aye, I'm tryna..." and it contains four tracks. The band is not exactly sure of the release date but the bassist Jerrica Ojeda said it'll be within the next couple of weeks. More info on the band, visit their facebook page.

Click here to listen to the single "Soggy Diner Toast".

Be sure to check em out this Wednesday at the Pre Comic-Con party at U-31.

Upcoming Shows:

July 23rd- U-31 Nardcast Comic-con show July 25th- The Almost Holden in Santa Monica w/Jurassic Shark July 26th- House show in Laguna Hills Aug 1- The Mous Tache in Tijuana Aug 8- House show in San Diego Aug 9- Daytime Show w/Wax Witches at the Bujwah store Aug 22- Til Two Club Sept 27- Adams Ave Street fair///and later that same day- Lil Music fest in Monrovia area

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