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Get your cinnamon fix at these spots in San Diego

Indulging in the delicious aroma of cinnamon spice is an easy way to get into the holiday spirit! There’s something comforting about its spicy yet sugary taste that brings a certain kind of warmth to the cold winter months. Discover how you can enjoy the unique ways in which these following restaurants incorporate this magical touch in their holiday treats for the ultimate cinna-fix!

Breakfast Republic

North Park’s Breakfast Republic is shaking up the breakfast scene with its crazy morning dishes that will surely satisfy any early a.m. hunger and then some! Sweeten up your morning and get your holiday cinnamon kick with the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes made with walnuts and creamy cinnamon frosting. Looking for a gluten-free option? Reap the rewards and awaken your taste buds with the Cinnamon Raisin French Toast topped with your choice of banana fosters or strawberries. Don’t forget to add the house whipped cream for an extra goody!

2730 University Ave., North Park. (619) 642-0299 or

Woodstock's Pizza

Known for its outstanding yet creative pizza dishes, head to Woodstock’s Pizza for a glorious frosty smack down! Sit down in their fun-filled, friendly atmosphere and enjoy a delectable dessert that will surely remind you of your childhood days. Order their famous Cinnabread made with warm dessert pie smothered in brown sugar, cinnamon and icing. For an extra special holiday treat, add apple, bacon or slivered almonds.

6145 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego. (619) 265-0999 or

The Taco Stand

If La Jolla is in your backyard, make sure to visit The Taco Stand for a crunchy, “cinnamony” delight you won’t be able to resist! Its south-of-the-border menu features classics like Hot Churros freshly made with cinnamon sugar, three per order that will satisfy any sweet tooth craving.

621 Pearl Street, La Jolla. (858) 551-6666 or


Food is eye-opening and innovative at barleymash with a menu infused with hints of bourbon and beer. Go all out with the Cinnamon Apple Cruffin prepared with a croissant puff pastry, angry orchard glaze, warm cinnamon apple meringue and maple almond ice cream.

600 Fifth Ave., downtown. (619) 255-7373 or


Be your own pastry chef! At iDessert you have the freedom to customize your very own dessert, sundae or milkshake according to your unique flavor preference. For a holiday-inspired dessert, go with the cinnamon crust as a base and then choose from a vibrant assortment of gelato, cake, cream, sauce and fruit choices to pair inside. Share a taste with family and friends to see what other unique pairings they came up with!

1608 India St #104, Little Italy. (619) 544-1033 or

Pan Bon

Head to Pan Bon nestled in the heart of Little Italy to enjoy authentic Italian pastries! You’ll be greeted by countless rows of irresistible breads that will surely have you feeling as if you were actually in Italy. The baked products are made fresh daily and perfected by the use of simple, yet valuable ingredients. Bread is made every morning and must be used the same day. Make sure to try the homemade Girella Cinnamon Walnut Brioche made with cinnamon brioche bread and topped with crunchy pieces of candied walnuts.

1450 Kettner Blvd., Little Italy. (619) 241-2443 or

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