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2016 Ye Scallywag! Festival recap

Fat Mike of NOFX / Jarnard Sutton

The day-long Ye Scallywag! made its debut in San Diego on Saturday, Oct. 22. The event was packed with local craft beer, delicious eats, wine and an epic music lineup of punk-rock vets such as Against Me!, Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Bad Religion and NOFX. The festival included complimentary beer and wine tasting and the weather was perfect for day drinking.

Crowd getting into Goldfinger

Here's our video recap of the 2016 Scallywag! Festival

Video shot and edited by Jarnard Sutton

Our highlight was seeing Goldfinger take the stage and perform our favorite tunes from the '90s. They performed "Superman" and of course, "In Your Bedroom," to name a couple. Reel Big Fish joined them on stage to perform a couple of songs.

John Feldmann of Goldfinger / Jarnard Sutton

John Feldmann of Goldfinger / Jarnard Sutton

Reel Big Fish performing on stage with Goldfinger. Also picture: Mike Herrera on bass / Jarnard Sutton

A couple other highlights was watching Bad Religion and NOFX perform. Bad Religion played some classics such as "No Control," "Generator," "You" and others. NOFX performed a few songs from its new album, and of course, played a few crowd favorites such as "Stickin' In My Eye," "Herojuana," "Don't' Call Me White" and they invited their ex-drummer Scott Sellers to perform "Six Pack Girls"

El Hefe of Nofx / Jarnard Sutton

Here's the full lineup:


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