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New Mexican eatery, Curadero, taps Jade Boyd as Lead Bartender

Courtesy of Curadero

With plans to open its doors in early April, the multi-level Mexican kitchen and game lounge, Curadero, has completed its stellar opening team with the addition of bartender Jade Boyd. Boyd, who most recently worked behind the bar at Juniper & Ivy, joins Curadero to implement a beverage program that pairs with Chef Brad Kraten’s soulful, coastal Mexican cuisine. With a focus on service and drinks that are made with fresh ingredients and quality spirits, the menus will incorporate Boyd’s knack for creating simple, strong and balanced cocktails that are delicious to drink.

Photo courtesy of Curadero

During her San Diego tenure, Boyd has worked behind some of the best bars, mixing everything from esoteric spirits and timeless classics, to modern innovations. The beverage menu at Curadero will include a selection of Mexican classic cocktails, including the Paloma, El Diablo and Micheledas. The rest of the menu plans to include nearly a half dozen originals that incorporate in-house items, such as juices, sangritas for sipping, verditas for shooting, and whimsical garnishes that play an equal role in the drink as the spirits. Take the First Date, with Por Siempre Sotol, prickly pear, lemon, ginger beer, Peyshaud's biters and rosewater, or the Viceroyalty with Pisco Portón, tamarind, chipotle, lime, and Boy Drinks World serrano bitters Boyd will also help curate the expansive agave and Mexican spirit selection at Curadero set to celebrate tradition with artisanal productions of tequila, sotol, bacanora and mezcal staples. Curadero will even carry labels on the shelves the most avid agave aficionados will be impressed by. For those looking for something on the booze-free side, guests can expect house horchata, agua frescas and even paletas.

Upstairs in the Arriba Room, Boyd will create a casual menu to accompany the fun, laid-back feel of the game lounge. Expect batched cocktails, Baja wines and Mexican beers and sodas to go with the tacos and Donkey Kong.


1047 Fifth Ave #100, downtown San Diego. (619) 515-3003 or

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