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CraftHounds presents Spotlight - Episode 1 - Council Brewing Co.

Photo Credit: Jarnard Sutton / Nardcast Media

The Nardcast joins forces with CraftHounds and launches a monthly series called Spotlight, which highlights local business owners and their craft. We give them the spotlight to share their stories on how they've started their business. We will feature everything from breweries to restaurants.

On the first episode, we took a visit to Council Brewing Co. , craft brewery and tasting room, brewing barrel-aged sours, West Coast-style IPA's, English and Belgian-style craft beer. We caught up with the owners Liz and Curtis Chism who shares their story.

Video produced by Jarnard Sutton / Nardcast Media

Check out their full story by visiting CraftHounds' blog. Click here to read more.

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