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  • Brian Holt

WonderCon hits a home run again!

WonderCon has wrapped up and I can’t wait for next year!

Photo Courtesy / Brian Holt

In my eyes, WonderCon gets better and better for me every year. Thousands of people roamed the Anaheim Convention Center to take a look at comics, anime, toys and the incredible cosplay. Vendors lined the hall with some unique items that caught my eye including a series of Street Fighter skateboards.

Photo Courtesy / Brian Holt

I spent a good chunk of time on an expensive habit that’s taken me to Tokyo and back…tracking down more toys for my Macross and Robotech collection. There were also televisions and movie panels including Ready Player One, Fear the Walking Dead and a preview of the upcoming Netflix revival of the sci-fi tv classic “Lost in Space”… Danger Will Robinson!

Photo Courtesy / Brian Holt

Inside the hall wasn’t the only fun, take a step outside and it’s cosplay heaven! There were so many imaginative and well-put together costumes, it was a sometimes breathtaking experience.

Here's a video recap of day 2 of WonderCon 2018!

Filmed and edited by Jarnard Sutton /. Nardcast Media

Here’s the breakdown… if you’ve never been to WonderCon before… go!


Brian Holt is coffee drinker and burrito enthusiast. Brian is a former TV news producer, he leisurely spends his days doing origami with dollar bills and trying new restaurants. Follow him on Twitter.

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