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Hidden Fish set to opens its doors next week

Clairemont Mesa is no stranger to sushi, but Hidden Fish will prove to be a cut above the rest. As San Diego’s first omakase-only sushi restaurant, guests will enjoy an intimate dining experience and a one-of-a-kind menu. Tucked away and nearly unseen from bustling Convoy Street, Hidden Fish officially opens its doors on Tuesday, September 11th.

Well beyond the California roll and miso soup mindset, Executive Sushi Chef and owner John Hong (Chef Kappa) offers “timed dining” where he and his team create daily menus, allowing guests to try a variety of sushi pieces and taste new combinations. Omakase, a phrase which translates directly to ‘I’ll leave it up to you,’ is a traditional Japanese style of dining where patrons place their full trust in the chef to present innovative and delicious dishes.

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Bluefin tuna with truffle, “toro” tartare and sea bream are just a few of the creatively executed options that will be served at Hidden Fish, along with a rotating selection direct from Japan’s renowned Tsukiji Fish Market. Each ingredient has been selected by experts for quality and freshness, so diners can trust that every bite will be remarkable.

Chef Kappa’s passion for all things culinary stems from early childhood, and further developed as he learned from sushi masters and educators in the field. Previous experience includes Executive Chef at Bang Bang, where he won ‘Best Seafood Award’ at the Wine & Food Festival in 2014. Hidden Fish was created after enjoying high-end and expensive omakase restaurants in Los Angeles and New York. Chef Kappa has reinvented the idea to be affordable and available to San Diegans.

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“Hidden Fish is created to be a fun environment for everyone. All ages and all ethnicities are welcome here. It’s a tight space so I hope everyone gets along,” jokes Chef Kappa.

With only 13 seats, Hidden Fish truly is San Diego’s most intimate dining experience. Eight spots are dedicated to guests who opt to savor the 30-minute, 12-piece Omakase Teaser for $50, and the remaining five seats for a 90-minute Omakase Premium experience, which includes 18 pieces for $90. Before or after a meal, diners are also invited to relax in the lounge for a glass of beer, wine or sake. The lounge is standing-room only and reflects the intimacy of the sushi bar.

Hidden Fish is located at 4764 Convoy Street, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92111.

The restaurant is hosting the 30-minute Omakase dinner during the soft opening September 11th - 16th, and the 90-minute experience will be available starting September 18th. Please visit for additional details.

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