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  • Katie Lynnet

San Diego Council on Literary hosts its 10th annual culinary event on May 2nd

EAT. DRINK. READ. Or if you prefer to READ. DRINK. EAT or DRINK. READ. EAT. Whichever order if it is those actions. Personally, I find it better for it all to happen simultaneously. Moreover, I will be accomplishing just that and more on Thursday, May 2nd. by attending the creatively conceptualized and fun filled 10th annual culinary extravaganza hosted by the San Diego Council on Literary, aka SDCOL. It will be showcased under the roof of the awe - inspiring supercool San Diego Air and Space Museum. Guaranteed with admission ($75) will be epic dishes inspired by children books from San Diego’s best talented chefs, delightful cocktails, craft beers, live entertainment and that truly wonderful feeling of doing good contributing to a meaningful cause. Event is from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

Your attendance will support in a variety of ways including but not limited to providing books for children, literacy instructions, professional development, community partnerships and most importantly a wiser, brighter, confident San Diego.

The coalition’s mission is simply to unite the community to support literacy with a vision of “literacy for all”. The man behind the mission with the vision is Jose Cruz, chief executive officer for SDCOL. Jose is a San Diego native, notable Educator, Literacy for All radio show host, literacy ambassador and advocate. Under his tenacious leadership and our community efforts exercised through actions and words, this vision can become a reality.

"Literacy is imperative for existence."

Tickets can be purchased online at:

Unable to attend no problem there are other ways to contribute, check out the website:


Katie Lynnet - a charismatic polymath, born and raised in San Diego with affinities for libations and delicious eats, live music and authenticity. Always clocked in, whether she's selling Real Estate, slinging drinks, catering and event planning or relishing in the beautiful outdoors you can guarantee she's living by her trademarked slogan " Making the ordinary, EXTRAORDINARY"!

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