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cucina SORELLA to host unique pasta making classes

cucina SORELLA of Urban Kitchen Group began their pasta making classes nearly three years ago, and they became an instant hit among Kensington neighborhood locals and visitors alike. An unforgettable experience that offers the perfect activity for a weekend afternoon, the 2.5-hour hands on classes include lunch, a glass of wine, and best of all — your own fresh, handmade pasta to take home.

Each month, Executive Chef Tim Kolanko selects a different pasta category to focus on, from classic hand-shaped varieties, to stuffed pastas, to Insta-worthy “laminated pastas” with fresh herbs embedded throughout the dough. These intimate classes offer a memorable educational experience for home cooks of all levels, from newbies to connoisseurs.

The next scheduled class, "Whole Grain & Alternative Grain Pastas," will be held on October 12 at noon. "Baked Pasta" will be on November 16 at noon. Tickets are $70 (+ 18% service fee + 7.75% tax). Tickets will go on sale soon, and will be available to purchase at:

cucina SORELLA is located on 4055 Adams Avenue in Kensington.

All photos are courtesy to Urban Kitchen Group.

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