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San Diego's 20 best burgers

Our guide to the best burgers in San Diego

By Jarnard Sutton

2. Slater's 50/50

All I can say about this amazing burger establish is half bacon and half beef, that's all.  If you haven't tried their burgers, you need to try them.  Start out simple and try their 50/50 burger, which is half bacon and half burger.  They also offer a wide array of burgers such as breakfast burrito burger, sriracha burger, peanut butter and jeallousy (Brandt beef, thick cut bacon, peanut butter, strawberry jelly, honey wheat bun) and too many to list.  Their beer menu is extensive, with over 1,000 beers on tap, yeah, you heard me right, 1,000!


Must-try: 50/50 (50/50 patty, pepper jack, sunny side up egg, avocado mash, chipotle adobo mayo, brioche)


2750 Dewey Rd #193, Point Loma. (619) 398-2600 or


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