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New single from the Irish alternative duo Doppler called "Railroad" 
by:  Jarnard Sutton





I had an email convo with the lead singer Jamie Mulrooney of the duo alternative folk band Doppler about the new single, "Railroad," that was recently selected as Song of the Week on 2XM.


The Nardcast:  You guys were just named as Irish Band of the Week by Dublin Concerts for your new tune "Railroad." How does that feel?


Doppler:  It feels great to get any recognition of any songs that you write. Its great to be voted Song of the Week on 2XM also. I really want to keep trying to progress as a musician and hopefully that will happen over the next couple of years. Our next release in about 6 weeks time and hopefully that will do as well as "Railroad". The song is called "The Truth is Not Your Own" and its a chilled out upbeat Folk song that I recorded a few months back and we're shooting a video for it in Dublin next week (Week of Mar. 23).


What's the song about?


I wrote the lyrics to Railroad about 18 months ago I think. I always would like to think that the listener takes away whatever message or meaning they want from a song so the person can identify their own memory or conclusion on a song. Its the same if I was listening to an Arctic Monkeys song and thinking how that could relate to my own personal situations or whatever. To me the lyrics were about not being able to hide your feelings for someone even though you were were trying to.


When it comes to your style, where did the influences come from?


I think Julian Casablancas and Alex Turner are two pretty great people to try write like. Apart from that I could list a hundred other people but I would say those two would be most influential at the monet anyway. As a tennager I would have loved the Red Hot Chili Peppers but since John Frusciante left they're shit. They were the band I had the most love for growing up and now I wish they'd just fuck off or get John Frusciante back for the craic and do a bit of touring again.


What's in store for Doppler?


I suppose over the next coming months is the release of our new single "The Truth is Not Your Own" which I am really looking forward to. It's coming out at the end of April/beginning of May with the video. I'm looking forward to the summer as we have lots of gigs lined up and hopefully there will be more writing and recording. I have a feeling the content will be more folk based but I don't know myself really but I'm looking forward to the next couple of month and hopefully I can keep improving..


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Written and recorded by Jamie Mulrooney, Robert and Gary Sheegar, Kevin Holmes and Pete McDermott in 2014. Mastered by Ian Eomac

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