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Songs Played:

Little Hurricane - Haunted Heart

Buddy Banter - Bummer Summer

Dirty Sirens - Hellfire

Super Water Sympathy - Uh Oh!

Chess Wars - Evil

Ed Ghost Tucker - Devils

Dr. Seahorse - Symptoms of Trend

Dmise the MC - The West featuring Chavez

Through the Roots - Slow Down

Just in Case - Reputations

Neighbors to the North - Never Leave Me Alone


Special Request:

We Came as Romans - To Plant a Seed ShowOn this episode, I hung out with my friend, Amy Green. We talked about the good and bad times of 2013. We also talked about the wonders of dating and our 2014 resolutions.

I also broke down my 2013 year and how it kinda sucked but will conquer the negatives and make them positives in the new year.


In 2013, I've posted 59 episodes that featured 170+ songs. I picked 11 out of the 170+ songs that were my favorite songs. This was pretty hard.


I want to apologize for calling my buddy, Paul from NTTN, Pat. Please forgive me.


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