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Episode 152- Siete de Mayo








SONGS Played:

M.E Law - "Part Time Angel"

Sister Speak - "Chicago Dream"

Albatross - "Evil Woman"

Jara - "To Die For"

Yaves - "One Wish"

Taylorman - "Count This Paper"


Outro Song:

Neighbors to the North - "Never Leave Me Alone"

On this episode, I decided to go global with the music. I featured music from Canada -- played a track from a hard rock/blues band called Albatross. I also played a track from Canadian singer-songwriter M.E Law. I featured a track from her latest album titled "Peace, Love, Death and Chocolate".


I also explored the music from Ohio. Featured two hip-hop artists from Ohio. Played the latest single from Yaves -- pronounced [Yah-Vess] -- I apologize for messing up his name even after I heard him pronounce it on youtube. I also featured another hip hop artist who is from Ohio but is based out of New York -- He goes by Taylorman.


I couldn't do a podcast without promoting San Diego artists. I featured a 19-year-old pop rock artist Jara -- pronounced [jar-rah] Kinda rhymes with Sara. Unfortunately I didn't pronounced his name correctly. My apologies.  We also featured a track from the female fronted band Sister Speak. I featured a track from their debut album.



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