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Live Music:  Where to Get Down When You Go Out

By: ‘c/o Alternative Strategies’


Fun fact: listening to music is a fantastic stress reliever. Sure, you could spend the night curled up with Pandora…or you could invite your friends out for a night on the town, absorbing the energy of live music performances, getting into the rhythm and dancing the night away.  Since Coachella isn’t until April, concert tickets are expensive, and your only regular exposure to live music is your significant other singing in the shower, here’s a list of local venues that’ll keep you from singing the blues:

Photo Courtesy:  Alternative Strategies

When it comes to live music, West Coast Tavern knows what’s up with DJs spinning vinyl and cutting tracks every night. Order an American Trilogy (dickel rye, Laird’s Applejack brandy, orange zest and orange bitters) and let the music take over control. Whether it’s spinning the vinyl or dropping the beat, West Coast Tavern knows how to pump up the party.

Photo Courtesy:  Alternative Strategies

Turn down for what? Guests only “turn up” at Avenue with DJs turning up the bass on their electro/house-mixes. Order one of their expertly prepared cocktails at the bar and get ready for the DJ to drop the beat.

Take hold of the microphone; you are the star of this show. Sandbar Sports Grill has karaoke every Monday night from 9 p.m. to close. Now add their Monday drink specials to the mix: $3 pints and $5 Red Bull Vodkas. Sing or slur your version of hits from Adele, Beyonce, Michael Jackson and more for a good time.

Get your karaoke on at Pacific Beach Alehouse on Wednesday nights! Need a little “liquid courage” to get you up on the karaoke stage? How do $3 specials on house beers, Jameson, and Fireball sound for motivation? It won’t be long before you bring down the (ale)house with your Fireball-fueled performance. Buy your friend a home-brewed beer and drag them on stage with you.

Tuesday nights are all about the live music at True North Tavern, featuring a different genre and style from the Tuesday before. True North Tavern mixes it up with acoustic groups, rap artists, rock n’ roll bands and DJs spitting tracks. Only at True North Tavern can you chill out, rock out, and/or dance (out) the night away with talented musicians and $3 PBR Tall Cans and $4 drafts.

Headed downtown? Just downstairs from barleymash, is ginger’s , a martini bar where a variety of musicians croon to the sounds of the house piano. With a vast selection of gin and vodka, the folks at ginger's believes that for conventional style and subtle sophistication, nothing beats a martini.

The Duck Dive hosts “Dive Down Wednesdays” with live acoustic acts Wednesday nights. In this dive bar, the casual coolness of the West coast meets the rhythmic and subtle power of the acoustic guitar. Satisfy those late night cravings with their infamous Duck Fat Fries, order one of their Dive Local Draughts and let the music take you under (the wave)—duck dive-style.

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