• Jarnard Sutton

In the Kitchen with executive chef Vincenzo Loverso of Greystone

Vincenzo Loverso, executive chef and owner of Greystone, located in downtown San Diego, grew up with the passion for cooking. His mom inspired him to utilized seasonal ingredients when cooking. After moving from Italy to the states, he started out in the kitchen and immediately moved his way up. His passion for cooking eventually inspired people to take interest in opening up restaurants with him. We talked with chef Vincenzo about his flavorful elk dish and his journey leading up to being a restaurant owner.

Elk Chop


Courtesy photo Jarnard Sutton

Pictured: Elk Chop with Porcini rubbed, coriander blackberry, cauliflower saffron purée and crispy kale.

What's the story behind this dish?

Elk chop has been on Greystone's dinner menu for over 16 years. We have changed the preparation over the years based on what's fresh seasonally, but it has been the same cut which is the chop.

What's the key component to this dish?

The porcini which is rubbed in and the coriander blackberry reduction. The way elk is prepared greatly influences its flavor. We recommend keeping the flavors simple and not over cooking.

Describe the taste?

We serve our game with a flair. You're ordering an unique cut of meat and we want you to taste the game.