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Episode 102



Written by:  Melissa Austria Kolpak

Located in one of North Park's historic buildings, West Coast Tavern is a popular spot locals hit up for brunch, lunch, dinner, and happy hour. The urban restaurant offers a laid back atmosphere and serves daily specials including "Throwback" food selections every Thursday.

Their delicious Moscow Mules come in different variations known as The Corral, which includes several liquor choices with ginger beer and fresh lime juice. Some favorites are the Unicorn Mule, which has mixed fruit infused vodka for a refreshing taste. And if you want something savory and sweet, you've got to try their Chicken 'N' Waffle speciality, which is marinated in a brown sugar spice solution created by Executive Chef Abe Botello.

This mouthwatering menu item is served during brunch hours and is also available for lunch and dinner. The Nardcast stops by West Coast Tavern to find out what else this incredible restaurant has to offer and why it's a neighborhood favorite.

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