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In the Kitchen with Chef de Cuisine Ronnie Schwandt

Leroy's Burger


Tell us about the dish?

The Leroy's burger is an 8 oz. house blend patty served with bacon jam, house pickles and served on a brioche bun from a local bread company.

What is the key component to this dish?

The key component to this dish is the bacon jam and the char we get on the burger from the flat top.

Describe the taste to someone who haven’t had this dish?

It is sweet from the bacon jam and salty from the crust on the burger.

What makes a good burger?

I feel that a great burger has the right amount of fat with freshness from the lettuce, tomatoes and texture from the pickles.

Why did you choose pickles as a side?

We put them on the side because unfortunately not everyone loves pickles like I do.

What is a good beer and/or cocktail to pair with this dish?

I would pair a bigger beer with this burger. I would pair an IPA with it. The hoppiness will stand up to that sweet bacon jam.

Chef de Cuisine Ronnie Schwandt shows us what's inside the juicy, sweet and salty Leroy's Burger.

What kind of experience will a diner get at Leroys?

I feel that a diner will get a casual feel with upscale service and well executed food. I love that you can come in for a beer and appetizers or on a date night and be treated the same way.

About Ronnie Schwandt

Are you from San Diego?

I am pretty much born and raised. I moved to San Diego before the age of one.

How long have you been a chef?

I have been cooking for nine years.

How long have you been working at Leroy's Lounge & Kitchen?

I have been working at LKL for over four years.

What inspires you as a chef?

Everything around me inspires me. Weather, friends, seasons, people and conversations. I find inspiration at the oddest times and places. I have the pleasure to be surrounded by such great people that help inspire me each and every day.

Are you planning on creating any new items on the menu?

I am constantly changing the menu. I try to make changes several times a week. I like to keep my staff on their toes.

What do I enjoy on my spare time?

I love to be active and out doors. I also really enjoy eating (shocking). That is probably why I like to be active. I like to see what the other great chefs are doing in San Diego.

Leroy's Kitchen & Lounge

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