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Pretzels & Pints Brings Back Monday Night Bingo

Monday night is the new night for bingo at Pretzels & Pints. The North Park neighborhood Pretzel "jawn" has invited local blogger Jarnard Sutton to host a night of beer, pretzels & bingo. Participants can play 4 rounds of bingo for a chance to win bar swag, gift cards, discounted beverages and more. Oh, by the way, It's free to play!

You can expect a festive atmosphere, with plenty of laughter and chatter. The games usually last a couple of hours, and there's always a good mix of prizes up for grabs. Bingo goers start out with two FREE bingo cards. Each time you order a drink from the bar, you will receive an additional bingo card.

So why not come and join the fun? Bingo night kicks off at 7:30 PM and usually ends around 9 PM. That's 8 rounds of bingo. Come a little early so you can get a seat!

Pretzels & Pints are located in North Park at 3812 Ray St in North Park. Visit their website, or (619) 230-5353 for more information.


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