• Jarnard Sutton

In the Kitchen with Brad Wise of TRUST Restaurant

Brad Wise, executive chef of TRUST Restaurant in Hillcrest, is all about keeping a dish simple. A lot of his ingredients in his recipes are made in-house such as the cheese, ricotta, hush puppies and more. Chef Brad shared his flavorful ricotta agnolotti dish with In the Kitchen.

Ricotta Agnolotti $19

What's the story behind the Ricotta Agnolotti dish?

Our ricotta agnolotti consist of sunchokes, black garlic streusel, black truffles, panna and basil. In this dish, I tried to capture a little bit of everything such as the texture of the fried sunchokes, the richness from the pasta, the filling, the basil scented panna (italian cream), the dehydrated black garlic, and of course, the truffles.

What's the key component to this dish?

I wouldn't say there is a key component but the fillings on stuffed pastas are key.

What makes your ricotta agnolotti unique?

Everything including the cheese is made in-house. It's very simple, but packs a punch in flavor.

What's a good beer and/or cocktail to pair with this dish?

Wine may be the best choice to go with this dish.

Watch executive chef Brad Wise make this flavorful dish, Ricotta Agnolotti.