• Katie Lynnet

Learning how to be a warrior and not a worrier with yoga instructor Carly Mahon

After just one yoga class, in which I was both physically and mentally challenged (sweated and literally cried), I knew my instructor, Carly Mahon, was special. Special in the sense of genuineness and in her own style of healing. She radiates the type of energy that transcends the standard. Her mantra is straightforward and powerful, much like herself. Be a warrior not a worrier.

Courtesy Photo / Instagram / Carly Mahon

First, Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm Carly! I live in Ocean Beach and I am a certified yoga instructor, reiki master, health and fitness coach and self-care aficionado. I love the beach, being outdoors, having adventures, sarcasm and am a hopeless coffee lover! Why Yoga, for you and for someone who hasn't tried it yet?

Yoga is for everybody! What started off as a recommendation from a physical therapist to support recovery from a knee injury has turned into one of the best gifts in my life. It's a space to quiet your mind, tune up your body and get in touch with ourselves. We are so "on the go" all the time, connected, tuned in - yoga is a great place to unplug and recharge our batteries. It can seem intimidating to step into a class for the first time, but I encourage everyone to try it.

We all know about the benefits of taking a yoga class, tell us something we don't know?