• Katie Lynnet

Down the Fairway with Nikki B: Changing the game one swing at a time!

Nikki B is an undeniable incomparable powerhouse. Her motivations are golf, woman in golf and being the best version of herself. She achieves that and more by thriving and striving forward, embracing and creating opportunities, adding her assiduous experiences, genuine knowledge, energetic professionalism and charismatic personality, subtracting life rebuffs, letting it be a lesson and part of the overall balance. Nikki B shines as a correspondent for Golf Channel, brilliantly showcases talented woman on her podcast, Play Like A Girl and skillfully teaches the beauty of the game on her digital platform FOREher Sports. She is not only a businesswoman and golf guru but a newlywed, friend to many, inspiration and a pivotal woman on and off the course.

Nikki B

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