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  • Katie Lynnet

Down the Fairway with Nikki B: Changing the game one swing at a time!

Nikki B is an undeniable incomparable powerhouse. Her motivations are golf, woman in golf and being the best version of herself. She achieves that and more by thriving and striving forward, embracing and creating opportunities, adding her assiduous experiences, genuine knowledge, energetic professionalism and charismatic personality, subtracting life rebuffs, letting it be a lesson and part of the overall balance. Nikki B shines as a correspondent for Golf Channel, brilliantly showcases talented woman on her podcast, Play Like A Girl and skillfully teaches the beauty of the game on her digital platform FOREher Sports. She is not only a businesswoman and golf guru but a newlywed, friend to many, inspiration and a pivotal woman on and off the course.

Nikki B

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Who’s Nikki B in three words?

Influencer. Entrepreneur. ShotMaker.

I had the pleasure of meeting you through Women with Drive, golf movement that you co-created benefiting and empowering women to golf. With that, why is golf important? Why and how did you get into the game?

Golf is important because it connects people. It is such a social game which is why I love it so much. I hated golf as a kid because I thought it was daddy’s sport with his friends. When I was 13, my dad took me to an LPGA event. I met Natalie Gulbis and realized cute, young, fashionable girls play golf too! From there, I practiced all year and made the varsity team my freshman year. The rest is history! You are a busy lady and much like today’s businesswoman, there is a lot to juggle and maintain a +/- balance… what do you do to keep sane, healthy and happy?

I have a morning routine I rarely skip! I wake up at 6:15am, read and journal while drinking my coffee and then work out! Some mornings I switch the order, but I must get in a good sweat sesh and warm up my brain with some journaling and reading. It’s my form of meditation. I also do yoga twice a week! Other than that, time blocking, goal setting, and planning my schedule for the upcoming weeks helps me stay on track.

Congrats on your new venture FOREher. What is the philosophy and its importance?

FOREher is exactly that - for her. We were focusing on women’s golf with our old venture, but we really want to make an impact by educating, inspiring, and encouraging women to play golf. So, we took a leap of faith to go on our own and create FOREher. Of course, FORE is a golf term but for us it stands for Fearless, Optimistic, Resilient, and Empowering - all qualities we need to create this company and hope to influence other women to have as well. Advice perhaps a pep talk for someone who is curious about the playing the game. And how to erase the misconception that golf is boring and only for the retired old men.

SO many celebrities and athletes play golf. I swear golf is my common denominator with almost anyone I meet. They may not play, but they’ve been to a Topgolf, or mini-golfed, or just want to learn how to play! We are creating some online courses that will launch very soon so be sure to sign up on our website and stay tuned for our announcement! I did mention you are busy with that, your Podcast. Tell us more about that.

I love my podcast! Play Like A Girl is definitely a passion project of mine. I’ve always loved interviewing people and inspiring women to be the best version of themselves. There is such a lack of media attention and equality for women, so I will do anything I can do to help level the playing field. There’s been a common theme with all of the guests on the podcast - they’re all badasses in their own rights and play with heart. It’s so cool that we are all in this together and want to lift each other up.

Okay, let’s talk golf…driver in hand, tee high or tee low? Why?

Tee high! I have a low-ball flight so I’m definitely teeing it up high unless I’m hitting straight into the wind!

Courtesy Photo

Best of:

  1. Player past - Arnie, of course!

  2. Player present - Tiger, DUH! I’m rooting for Xander lately though. He’s a very good, young player and fellow adidas golf ambassador!

  3. Greens - Cypress Point. It will probably be the best golf course I ever play in my life!

  4. Driving Range - Does Topgolf count?! LOL

  5. Training tool - Rukket Sports Rukk Net and Chipping Net!

  6. Golf ball brand - Callaway Chrome Soft all the way

  7. Teammate - dang, I have too many! Tie between Tisha, my best friend Rockelle, my

  8. Shotmakers partner Brad, my dad, and my husband! I’d take any of them, any day!

What is your pre-warm up routine? 19th hole go to Cocktail?

Stretch, stretch, stretch! Hit a couple balls and couple putts but mainly I like to warm my body up, get a good feel for my swing and the greens that day. Corona or Tito’s Soda with Lime or a glass or two of Ros’e. Also, I only like Coors Light on the golf course or at concerts. It’s just so refreshing on a hot day!

A must carry in your golf bag? Purse? And airline carry-on?

A speaker and sunscreen for sure in my golf bag! I always have ChapStick in my purse. My carry-on has Air Pods, a book, lotion and water because planes are so dehydrating!


Katie Lynnet - a charismatic polymath, born and raised in San Diego with affinities for libations and delicious eats, live music and authenticity. Always clocked in, whether she's selling Real Estate, slinging drinks, catering and event planning or relishing in the beautiful outdoors you can guarantee she's living by her trademarked slogan " Making the ordinary, EXTRAORDINARY"!

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