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Authentic Italian Cuisine lands a spot in Little Italy

Nestled in the heart of San Diego's Little Italy borough is a hidden

gem. The San Diego Dining Group (SDG) latest concept, Allegro, will replace Indigo Grill.

Located at 1536 India Street in San Diego’s Little Italy borough, Allegro, a modern day ode to classic Italian design with a posh, modern twist is slated to serve succulent coastal seafood with an Italian flair, with vegan and gluten free options. Signature homemade pastas, top quality seafood and wine pairing is sure to create an ambiance that relaxes the mind, especially in the midst of constantly evolving change.

Executive Chef Marco Provino’s passion for cooking dates back to being a young kid growing up in Bagheria, Sicily, which is known for its exquisite lemon gardens and captivating villas. Provino would often help his mother and grandmother make ravioli, lasagna, fresh pomodoro sauce and tiramisu, or help his father tend to their garden. To keep this same spirit, Provino will continue to be inspired by his roots and employ the same philosophy at Allegro.

“When people eat my dishes, I want their palettes to remember where it came from. Like me, I will never forget where I come from”, Provino said.

An oasis of sort, providing enough tranquility to make one forget about their woes. The tempo, the mood—Allegro is designed to evoke happy thoughts in an atmosphere built on the foundation of passion that echoes in the spirit of communities across San Diego.

With authentic Italian cuisine meeting coastal Californian seafood, this eatery is unlike any other. Complete with a vibrant interior and tasty cocktails, this could quickly become a Little Italy hot spot.

More details on launch to come as San Diego's Covid-19 restrictions are being modified.


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