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I Went 100 Days without Alcohol and Here Are My Results

Back in June of this year, I decided to give myself a 30 day no alcohol detox but ended up going 100+ days with no alcohol. In this video, I give a recap on how the journey went and if I'm considering ever drinking again. 100 Days of no alcohol has it's pros and cons but MOSTLY pros.

My Results:

Blood Pressure:

Over the last 3 months, my blood pressure has been averaging around 117/77. I think exercise and keeping track of what I'm eating has also contributed to that as well. Before cutting out alcohol, my blood pressure ranged around 120/80 and sometimes higher.

Sleep improvement:

I've noticed that I'm getting better sleep. Now that i'm cutting back on added sugar, I think that's also helping. Getting 6+ hours of sleep a night has also helped.

Clear Mindset:

I have more of a clear vision of what I want and I'm noticing more about myself that I didn't know prior to not drinking. I'm rediscovering myself. Figuring out what I really enjoy in life, who my friends are, what my true passions are and I'm dealing with my issues head on. I think alcohol blurs my issues and troubles temporarily now that I don't use alcohol as a coping mechanism. I'm now able to attack my problems head on. Honestly, it's harder and mentally draining but it's important. I'm not holding things in as much. I'm more aware of my mental state and my emotions. I'm making better decisions.


I've been very productive over the last 3 months. I get up and I'm ready to get the day started. My energy level is very consistent throughout the day and it's very noticeable. I've noticed I'll stay focused longer. Since I'm not at happy hour for a couple of hours, I can use those extra hours to be more productive with my work and personal life. I feel more creative and more patient. I can get a lot more work done without that typical brain fog from a hangover. I feel like I'm putting more effort in my client work and brand than I have before.

Weight Loss:

Before I started this no alcohol cleanse, which originally started out as a 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge, I weighed in around 235ish pounds. As of September 12th, I'm 204 lbs. I think with no alcohol (wasted calories) and my no added sugar detox (for 14 days) might have contributed to the weight loss. I have been exercising consistently as well. I'm not having those late night snacks or big meals after a day of drinking, which I think helped as well. My appetite isn't as big as it was. This also could be due to the fact I'm watching my added sugar intake.

Social Life:

Social life has been a hit or miss. It has had both good and bad moments. I feel like I haven't been invited out as much but when I do go out, I find myself being just as social without booze than I do with booze. It might take me a minute to loosen up but once I'm comfortable, I can entertain without alcohol. I don't feel like I'm missing out because I'm not drinking but I think others around me miss the idea of me being social with a beverage. Being in San Diego can be challenging, as we all know that the beer culture is huge here but I can go out and still enjoy the scene.


I still get anxious but it's not as much. I've noticed how LESS I get randomly anxious which has been nice. Waking up without that typical hangover helps. Overall, I'm in a better mood. I'm not perfect, I still have my good and bad days when it comes to anxiety and my mental state. I've also minimized my caffeine intake. I switched from coffee to tea. I still drink coffee but I drink more herbal teas and green tea/black tea if I need a small kick of caffeine.

Beer Substitutes:

Because I'm not drinking, I'll drink Non Alcoholic beers from time to time. I think I've found my go-to beverages. Perhaps, I'll do a roundup of my favorite Non Alcoholic beers soon. I've also been drinking a lot of water, especially sparkling water. It's so refreshing.

Better looking skin:

I hear this all the time from other sources, but it's true, my skin looks a lot better. I can tell the difference.

Have you done a detox/cleanse from alcohol? If so, what were your results?


I'm not a doctor, so I would definitely chat with your doctor if you think you might have an addiction to alcohol because it might be a little more challenging for you to take a big break from alcohol.

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