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Six local chefs compete in Fried Chicken Challenge

Photo Credit:  Jarnard Sutton

Photo Credit: Jarnard Sutton

Last month, a local Cali-Creole eatery Local Habit, located in Hillcrest, hosted an epic Fried Chicken Challenge that allow diners to indulge tasty fried chicken provided by six local chefs. The night was hosted by the founder of the Facebook group Eating and Drinking in San Diego, Edwin Real, who coordinates monthly food relate events. EDSD is an ever-growing group of food and beverage enthusiasts.

The challenge included chefs Jimmy Tessier of Local Habit, Karen Blair of Small Bar, Aldo Negrete of Rare Form / Consortium Holdings, Logan Mitchell of Cellar Door, Rich Sweeney of Florent and Brad Cooper of Coop's West Texas BBQ.

The night was full of tasty chicken and a lot of booze provided by Henebery and R & D Bitters. Each dish was evaluated on juiciness, crunchiness and overall taste by dining guests as well as notable judges, including Tommy Gomes of Catalina Offshore Products, Philip Esteban of Cork & Craft and Nate Soroko of Toronado.

As the chefs prepared their chicken, I asked them how do they make the best fried chicken. Watch as they explain what it takes to make good fried chicken.

2015 Judge's Winner

1st Place: Brad Cooper

2nd Place: Karen Blair

3rd Place: Aldo Negrete

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