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Union Kitchen & Tap to host live music during dinner

Union Kitchen & Tap, in the Gaslamp, is teaming up with the Acoustic Spot to offer a concert series that will rock patrons’ worlds. Their enticing modern-Americana menu will be served with fresh, live music from locals artists throughout February and March. Well-known musicians from the community will be performing every Thursday night from 6 to 9 p.m. and Sunday, noon until 3 p.m. Music styles range from slow and relaxing to energetic and upbeat; some musicians are fresh on the scene, while others are local favorites like Jonny Tarr and Mike Myrdal. You can find their lineup of talented artists here.

Whether looking for rock, pop, indie or jazz live music to set the tone for your night, Union has you covered! I would love to share their upcoming acoustic concert series with you readers looking for more than just an exciting meal.

333 Fifth Ave., downtown. (619) 795-9463 or

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