• Jarnard Sutton

In the Kitchen with executive chef Nicolas Bour of Humphreys Restaurant

Nicolas Bour, executive chef of Humphreys Restaurant, brings a global experience to their diners. Chef Nic utilzes local ingredients and produce to create a variety of dishes. On this episode of In the Kitchen, he talked about his summer seafood dish, his passion for food and his challenges when it comes to creating new dishes.

Catalina Spot Prawn, Ahi Crudo and Uni $14

Photo courtesy Jarnard SUtton

What's the story behind this dish?

The dish is all about local seafood and summer ingredients from local waters. The Catalina spot prawn is a local item that is loved by chefs yet not available all the time, and locally harvested Uni (sea urchin) is one of the treasures of our coast. Add house-made ginger beer, citrus and some heat from jalapenos as well as a bit of avocado, radishes and sea beans and you have a true taste of the Pacific.

Describe the taste to someone who hasn't had this dish?

The ingredients are all raw, so any sushi lover would be in heaven, both simple flavors and various textures with citrus to round it off. What's a good beverage to pair with this dish?

I would serve it with a ginger beer, a tequila-based cocktail or a bottle of Left Hand Brewing’s Good Juju, a ginger-infused ale from Colorado.

Watch as chef Nic utilizes three coastal flavors and textures to create this tasty summertime dish.

What kind of experience will a diner get at Humphreys?

A sleek dining room with a seasoned staff that loves to entertain and food that doesn’t re-invent the wheel but focuses on great local ingredients.