• Jarnard Sutton

In the Kitchen with David Burke of Pacifica Del Mar

David Burke, executive chef of Pacifica Del Mar, is introducing its diners to flavorful and light dishes such as the black cod. Burke, Phoenix native, chats with us about his soy marinated black cod and his inspirations as a chef.

Black Cod


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What's the story behind the black cod?

We get our black cod from the Pacific NW off the northern coast of Washington.

When setting out to create this dish, I wanted to create something that is light, but still has a

ton of flavor. We pair it with Udon noodles that help give the dish structure and substance.

The noodles are sautéed in sesame oil, Hon Shimiji mushrooms, edamame, and Fresno peppers, most of which are sourced locally. The reason I chose Black Cod for this dish was simple: it’s delicate, flavor