• Maria Wiles

BAEsic Nights Return at Tipsy Crow

Can I steal you for a second? Everyone has his or her one guilty pleasure T.V. show… and for me, the Bachelorette definitely takes the cake. It’s a time for the girls to assemble after a long day of work (with half a bottle of wine in their glass) and watch contestants duke it out for a “shot at love” (after taking a number of shots from the Bachelor mansion open bar).

Well this season of the Bachelorette is about to get even more interesting (for San Diego fans at least) because The Tipsy Crow will be bringing back its BAEsic Monday Nights on May 22. Tipsy Crow is a Gaslamp staple, located on Fifth Ave., that’s known for its mouth-watering Americana menu, energetic nightlife… and their unbelievable Bachelorette viewing parties in their upstairs lounge (which ironically resembles the cocktail party lounge in the Bachelor mansion).