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  • Katie Lynnet

Le Dîner en Blanc: The invitation only party of the year!

On Thursday, September 14th, San Diego will be hosting the exclusive invitation only, Le Dîner en Blanc. It is a chic annual picnic party where people flash gather, taking “picnic” to another level. This concept originated in Paris by founder, Francois Pasquier. It is now a worldwide phenomenon highlighting seventy plus cities and six continents. It even sparked curiosity and attendance of the infamous Anthony Bourdain.

The premise is simple yet elegant; attendees are dressed head to toe in all- white ensemble toting their white tables, white chairs, a picnic basket with comprising fine food and white dinnerware, not to forget the incredible table décor (prize given to the best tablescape) for one night only to dine and dance under the stars.

The night begins with a nod to tradition, the napkin wave, in which all guests are encouraged to stand and wave their bright white napkins high in the sky to commence the festivities. Shortly after, you will hear champagne bottles popping, chatter and laughter of new found friends and the beats of the spirited live band. When the last song is played, everyone and everything is packed up, graceful and mysterious like nothing ever happened.

Le Dîner en Blanc is so uniquely special and cool in part because the intrigue of the location. It remains a secret until you arrive at your party destination. Prior San Diego hot spots have been Liberty Station, Waterfront, Embarcadero and toes in the sand at Imperial Beach. Where will it take place this year?! With San Diego’s limitless possibilities and gorgeous picturesque backdrops, anywhere is sure to please.

For full details on the event’s rules, regulations and registration info, please visit

**Photo courtesy Le Dîner en Blanc


Katie Lynnet is a charismatic polymath, born and raised in San Diego with affinities for libations and delicious eats, live music and authenticity. Always clocked in, whether she's selling Real Estate, slinging drinks, catering and event planning or relishing in the beautiful outdoors you can guarantee she's living by her trademarked slogan " Making the ordinary, EXTRAORDINARY"!

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