• Carla Morla

San Diego couple opens craft beer alternative

In a city renowned for its craft beer, local husband and wife duo Billy and Suzanna Beltz are giving San Diegans another option. Craft mead anyone? Billy and Suzanna created Lost Cause Meadery with the vision of putting a modern spin on the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage. Lost Cause is the city’s first craft meadery. It’ll share its location with Serpentine Cider and Good Seed Food Company.

Real quick, what's mead?

Mead is a fermented beverage made with honey, water, and yeast. It can be flavored with other fruit and can take the form of a still or even sparkling drink. Mead is not beer and it’s not wine. It’s in its own category. While mead has been around for a really long time (think ancient days), its recently seen a resurgence. Mead is now the country’s fastest growing craft beverage.

So I walk into Lost Cause, what do I expect?

At Lost Cause, the focus is on creating complex and flavorful carbonated meads, while showcasing honey from San Diego. Here’s what you’ll be able to try when it debuts this fall.

Excellent Program: Local orange blossom honey, hops, and grains of paradise

Condor Attack: Local orange blossom honey, grapefruit and hibiscus

Buck-Yea: Traditional mead with local buckwheat blossom honey and aged on oak

Zydeco Buzz: Local buckwheat blossom honey, coffee, chicory and bourbon vanilla beans

Consensual Chocolate: Local buckwheat blossom honey and cacao nibs, aged on oak

FresYes: Local buckwheat blossom honey, fresno peppers, chipotle peppers and