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Video Premiere: Carly and the Universe - "Black and Blue"

In support of its sophomore album, "A Greater Thing," Los Angeles Pop and Soul band Carly and the Universe debuts its second single called "Black & Blue." The album is expected to be mature and cohesive while incorporating old school Soul with a contemporary R&B vibe. The single, "Black & Blue," has a darker soulful vibe with dark tones which is visually represented in the video. The video shows a variety of scenes where the lead singer, Carly Liza, is having a waxy liquid poured on her, singing in the dark with neon lights and laying in a tub of what appears to be black water. The video is very vivid, dark, creative and exciting to watch.

Watch as the lead singer Carly gets dirty in this slow and eerie sounding song, 'Black & Blue.'

Video directed by Carla Miskawi. Filmed by Josh Maas and Mitch Parks.

"A Greater Thing" is expected to be released on March 30th.

We had the chance to chat with the band about its new album, the new single and the thought process behind writing music.

Nardcast: The first single 'Sink In,' represents the overall vibe of the album, when choosing a second single, what was the thought process of choosing 'Black and Blue'?

Carly and the Universe: We wanted a slow burner with eerie vibes to come out during Halloween time.

What was the lyrical process behind this single?

Most of Carly's writing is more subconscious.

Who came up with the concept of the video and how did it about?

Carly came up with the concept. At first we had a very different direction, but the concept didn't come to fruition, so Carly decided to have shots of only her in the video. What can fans expect from the new album 'A Greater Thing'?

We think they can expect a more mature and cohesive album than our first release, with a wider variety in styles and hopefully a more honed in sound.

Since its formation three years ago, has the band matured together musically?

We have definitely matured together musically. The process still starts with Carly's ideas and is developed by the band. With that said, every song takes a little bit of a different path.

What's next for Carly and the Universe?

More singles, the album, music videos and shows. We want to be more consistent with our content.

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