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  • Brian Holt

Monzu Fresh Pasta is bringing affordable, fresh Italian food to the East Village

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In an already crowded local food scene, Monzu Fresh Pasta is looking to make you say Mamma mia!

It's opening in March 2018 right in the center of East Village on Tenth Avenue.

Monzu will be serving affordable authentic Italian fresh pastas and sauces. The best part? Everything is crafted in-house using regional ingredients. Talk about craftsmanship, Monzu will use centuries-old pasta making techniques.

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The dishes feature flavors inspired by different Italian regions including Sicily, Campania and Puglia.

There will be a variety of pastas like tonnarelli, tailatelle, ravioli and lasagna. It's then personalized with your choice of sauces like Bolognese, basil and pine nut pesto.

There’s a casual dining room to enjoy your meal or you can take it to go. If you are staying, sit back and enjoy an Italian wine or local craft beer. Monzu’s will even have a retail section for you to channel your inner cook. Raw, fresh pasta you can cook at home as well as Italian deli items will be for sale.

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Brian Holt is coffee drinker and burrito enthusiast. Brian is a former TV news producer, he leisurely spends his days doing origami with dollar bills and trying new restaurants.

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