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Jimbo’s Has Announced Job Openings in Response to Customer Demands During COVID-19

San Diego County’s premier natural food store, Jimbo’s is hiring 60-75 new individuals to respond to the growing demands as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Opportunities are available at their 4S Ranch, Carlsbad, Carmel Valley, Escondido and Horton Plaza locations. The positions include food service, meat and produce clerks, stockers, cashiers and baggers. Applicants are encouraged to apply through the Jimbo’s website at

Courtesy photo / Jimbo's Facebook

“As a result of recent announcements and guidance from the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, we acknowledge our customers will continue to have increased needs during this difficult time and we want to be able to provide for them,” said Jim “Jimbo” Someck, founder of Jimbo’s. “Health is one of the most important values we live and work by at Jimbo’s and we will continue to adhere to all of the recommended guidelines.”

Right now, grocery store workers are really on the frontlines serving the community. Jimbo, himself, has been so touched and inspired by the efforts of his team that he has decided to increase wages for all hourly employees. In a letter to his team, he shared the following words:

"As the hours become days and will pretty soon become weeks, I again struggle to find the words to express my gratitude for how much I, in addition to our customers, appreciate the exceptional level of service you have provided. In the eye of the storm, you have remained calm, worked tremendously hard, and have been a source of comfort to many folks who shop at our stores. While I personally can see it when I am on the floor at Carmel Valley, I have chatted with management from all of the stores and the response has been the same---you’ve all been awesome, have gone above and beyond, and have done an incredible job of representing Jimbo’s. Most importantly, you have given people hope --- hope that in spite of all the upheaval that is happening around us, our customers can come into Jimbo’s and find some level of peace, tranquility and reassurance.

As I have said, there are no words to express my gratitude, but in the absence of words, I can tell you what I am going to do. Retroactive to last Monday, March 9th ALL HOURLY STAFF will receive a $.50 increase to their pay; except for those of you who are being paid less than $14.50/hour, your pay will be set at $15.00 an hour. In addition, your quarterly bonus for the 1st quarter will receive an automatic bump of 50% (so if you were going to get $100 you will now get $150)."

Jimbo's current hours includes Senior citizen hours 8 to 845 a.m. Regular shopping hours are from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Please Note: These hours are effective on Friday, March 20.

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