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How to WOOHOO and Make BABIES with the Grim Reaper in the Sims 4

Here's a tutorial on how to woohoo and have babies with the Grim Reaper in the Sims 4 without using mods. In this video, I also show you how to make the Grim Reaper a playable character. This method I show you requires no mods. All you will need to do is active a few cheats using the cheat command prompt. I hope you you find this step by step tutorial helpful.

Watch full video here:

Here are the cheats used to add The Grim Reaper to the family, remove "IsGrimReaper" trait and to equip "IsGrimReaper" trait.

testingcheats on: Shift + Click on Sim will give you additional hidden features such as "Add to Family" when 'testingcheats on' is activated.

traits.remove_trait IsGrimReaper

traits.equip_trait IsGrimReaper

Once you add the grim reaper to your family/lot. Use "traits.remove_trait IsGrimReaper" to deactivate the reaper features. This will allow you to do normal interactions like woohoo, try for baby, be invited to places and more. If deactivated correctly, the Grim Reaper will have a normal walk and voice.

Once you do all the romantic interactions and your sim is "eating for two" -- you can now activate the grim reaper trait.

To do so, use "traits.equip_trait IsGrimReaper"

If activated, the Grim Reaper will be able to do his usual Grim Reaper interactions.

Note: Be sure to deactivate the trait when you want to send the Grim Reaper to places with other people. If you want the Grim Reaper to go to the hospital with the Sim that's pregnant, make sure the trait is deactivated.

Happy Simming.

Dag Dag.


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