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QUITTING SUGAR for two weeks was The HARDEST Thing I've Ever Tried Doing

Sugar is everywhere! Quitting sugar or even quitting sugar for a short period of time is hard. Attempting to quit sugar during the holidays is even HARDER!

Here's my experience attempting to do no added sugar for 14 days during the holidays. I had to start over a few times, which I explained in the video. This was the hardest challenge I had to do because sugar is in almost EVERYTHING. In this video, I document my 14+ day experience trying to quit sugar.

From this two week experience, I've learned a lot of about what I'm capable of doing and what impact sugar has on my mental and physical state. Physically, I've noticed that I lost a little bit of weight in a short period of time. I also realized how bloated I felt when I started to eat foods with a lot of sugar. I've noticed how tired I was. But mentally, when I wasn't having sugar, I felt great. I felt good and I felt like I had a lot of energy and no crashes throughout the day. I've noticed once I started back to including added sugar to my routine, I've noticed how often I would sit around craving something sweet.

What's your relationship like with sugar?


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