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EnterTalk Media launches first San Diego online venue for live music and coffee called Concerts.Cafe

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

New, local San Diego Coffee + Concerts provider – Concerts.Cafe, by EnterTalk Media – the first online venue that caters to lovers of live music and coffee!

Concerts.Cafe is a unique, online concert experience for music fans and coffee connoisseurs – a web platform dedicated to pairing ticketed live music events and signature artist shops with consumable merchandise – offering shows in all genres and some of the finest organic flavors in coffees and teas available. Serving as a new revenue resource for music artists, Concerts.Cafe offers gourmet, artist-branded consumables and on-demand or live streaming music content to fans.

Signature Gourmet Coffee available from music artists in multiple genres and delectable flavors; each Artist Roast is created with some of the finest organic, single-origin coffees in the world – selected and crafted to reflect each artist’s unique personality, vibe and personal taste.

“The Myron McKinley Trio” in Concerts.Cafe, photo by Lisette Archer-Barber

Launching in April 2021 with a fantastic lineup of multiple music events and artist-inspired coffee flavors to choose from, Concerts.Cafe is featuring a special livestream performance and artist coffee selection from the “Myron McKinley Trio” on April 24th, 2021 to help support the Fisher Center For Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. Click here for more info.

In additional, the Kimba Light Live Stream will kick out the April Lineup on April 9th. Tickets are $10. Show starts at 7 p.m. PST. The coffee for that evening will be the Kimba Light's Signature Coffee (Misty Valley Blend Light/Medium Roast) is $10 (currently %25 off). Click here for tickets.

Courtesy photo

Kimba Light is a tropical high-energy and dance-provoking Afro-Cuban band based out of San Diego, California, offering a fusion of salsa, timba, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, hip-hop, and funk. Fans who purchase tickets to this livestream event will receive 25% off the signature Kimba Light coffee when purchased as a bundle. Be sure to check the website for the full lineup.

Some key features for streaming includes Livestream and On-Demand Concerts to get fans to the front row every time - with Interactive chat rooms, VIP Meet & Greets and special, 360-Degree content viewing experiences! Coming soon - binaural (3D Audio) and Virtual Reality (VR) / 360-degree viewing & listening content.

An industry first - Concerts.Cafe is more than just a caffeinated, live streaming concert venue, it’s an interactive, virtual concert platform that offers a new revenue model for music artists through ticketed live-stream concerts and sales of artist-branded specialty coffees, teas, and other consumables.

For more information on upcoming artist performances, to reserve tickets for livestream music events and to purchase selections from debut line of Concerts.Cafe’s signature, artist-branded coffee, visit


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