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Using Elgato Stream Deck To Create Hotkeys to Sims 4 Cheats and Hotkeys

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Did you know you can use Elgato's Stream Deck to create shortcuts using hotkeys and multi actions?

In this video, I show you have I use Stream Deck to create shortcuts to cheats such as bb.moveobjects, headline effects, testing cheats, motherlode, etc.

Not only cheats, I was able to create hotkeys for creating camera angles, entering into build mode, live modem the gallery and more.

Check out the video.

Here's my affiliate link to the Elgato Stream Deck.

This video was not sponsored by Elgato Stream Deck.

If you would like for me to do a video tutorial on how I set this up, let me know.

Here's a quick overview on how I set up my buttons.

To open up the Sims 4 cheat prompt and enter in the cheat and also close the cheat prompt, I use the Multi Action Button.

Setting up Testing Cheats On

Within the system column, I drop in a hotkey, text, another hotkey and then a delay from the multi action function and then one more hotkey from system.

Once you have all your functions within that multi action, you want to go in and program your hotkeys in text. Everything works in order going from the top to the bottom.

System: Hotkey - Control + Shift + C

Hotkey: Control + Shift + C Action: Opens up Cheats Command Box

System: Text - TestingCheats On

Caption: testingcheats On Action: types in "Testingcheats On" in cheats command

System: Hotkey - Enter

Hotkey: Enter/Return

Action: Activates cheat that was typed in. In this case, activates Testingcheats On.

Multi Action: Delay - 2 seconds (2,000 ms)

Delay: 2,000 ms

Action: 2 second delay before the next action Note: 1000 ms = 1 second

System: Hotkey - Control + Shift + C

Hotkey: Control+Shift+C Action: Closes Cheat Command Box

If done correctly, the following sequence should happen:

Cheat Command Box opens

testingcheats on text is typed into the cheat command box

hotkey - Enter is iniated

2 delay occurs

hotkey activates Control+Shift+C to close Cheat Command Box

I hope this was helpful. If you are able to do a multi action button, you will be able to do a single hotkey button because it's only one hotkey.

Here's an example...

Setting Up Build Mode hotkey

System: Hotkey - F2

Hotkey: F2 Action: When in live mode, it will go to build mode.

Note: You can put the name of the title here if you want the name of the cheat on the button. You can also upload your own icon as well.

I hope this was helpful.

Dag Dag!


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