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Brothers Weiss hits the road for a spring tour

Three piece rock band, Brothers Weiss, are heading out on their first official tour, "The Golden State Tour", on Thursday, April 3rd through April 11th! They will be coming to a town near you! Stopping through Palm Springs, Tijuana, Fresno, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and of course, San Diego.

I had the opportunity to see these guys perform twice and they are an impressive and high energy band that’s worth seeing live. I had the opportunity to chat with them about their recent EP, “Conversations” back in January. To hear about their latest EP from The Nardcast - Episode 144, click here.

I asked guitarist, Ryan Weiss, if the guys are excited about their first tour as a band. He states, "We are so excited to get out on the road and play to new people in many different cities! We can't wait to meet new people and share our music with them. This our first time stringing a bunch of shows all together in multiple towns. So all to say, it is going to be a blast!"

The band has been writing a few new tunes and they plan to release another EP in the coming months. They have plans to release a full album by the end of the summer. Ryan goes on to say, "We want to continue to play shows and do more tours as the year goes on..."

Tour Dates:

4.03.14 | Palm Springs, CA

4.04.14 | Tijuana, Mexico

4.05.14 | Fresno, CA

4.08.14 | Santa Barbara, CA

4.09.14 | San Francisco, CA

4.10.14 | Los Angeles, CA

4.11.14 | San Diego, CA

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