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The Frights releases new music video

San Diego punk band The Frights releases a new music video for their single "Crust Bucket." The boys are set to tour with punk band Death Lens this summer in support of their EP split "DeathFrights" which is set to release on Tuesday, July 22.

The music video for "Crust Bucket" is a very fun and entertaining video that shows the boys running around wearing female clothes. They are actually looking good... The setting is also at a live performance where the band members are replaced with females. Fun concept. The song is pretty catchy and punk. Check it out for yourself!

Upcoming Shows: (The Frights and Death Lens Summer Tour)

July 23rd - The Smell, Los Angeles, CA July 24th- Biko Garage, Santa Barbara, CA July 25th- House Show, Santa Cruz, CA July 26th-Haus of Chi, Berkeley, CA July 27th- Feelmore, Oakland, CA July 30th- House Show, Lancaster, CA

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