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10 best places to get wings in San Diego

I don't think I would call myself a wing connoisseur but I know good chicken wings when I taste them. In honor of National Chicken Wing Day, which is Wednesday, July 29, here's a list of place to grab chicken wings.

10. The Rabbit Hole

What to try: Fire in the Hole -- Wings marinated in a ghost pepper garlic butter, blue cheese dressing.

3377 Adams Avenue, Normal Heights. (619) 255-4653 or

9. OB Noodle House

What to try: Spicy Garlic Wings -- Jumbo premium mid-joint chicken wings marinated with garlic and spices; served on a bed of lettuce, onions and ranch dressing.

2218 Cable St., Ocean Beach. (619) 450-6868 or

8. Uptown Tavern

What to try: 5-spiced wings -- sweet chili sauce, caramelized lime, juilenne ginger, cilantro and mint garnish.

1236 University Avenue, Hillcrest. (619) 241-2710 or

7. URBN Coal Fired Pizza

What to try: Coal Fired Wings -- House marinade with rosemary, garlic, Thai chili, lemon, parmesan. Available in regular, spicy, buffalo or BBQ.

3085 University Avenue, North Park. (619) 255-7300 or

6. The Werewolf

What to try: Grilled Garlic Ginger Wings with With dojo sauce

627 4th Avenue, downtown. (619) 234-0094 or

5. Draft Mission Beach

What to try: Buffalo Wings -- raditional garnishes

3105 Ocean Front Walk, Mission Beach. (858) 228-9305 or

4. Hamilton's

What to try: The Wings -- Ballast Point wahoo wheat marinated wings -- flavors include Buffalo, Hot, BBQ, Nekkid, Mole and Volcano.

1521 30th Street, South Park. (619) 238-5460 or

3. Monkey Paw

What to try: Wings -- Marinated in wit bier & garlic -- sauce varies from sweet Georgia brown BBQ, Hot Buffalo, Beer Candy Naked and Curry.

805 16th Street, East Village. (619) 358-9901 or

2. Dirty Birds

What to try: 3-peat Wings, Dirty Ranch Wings, Dirty Bleu, Maple Chipotle

and Spicy Garlic.

4656 Mission Blvd., Pacific Beach. (858) 274-2473 or

1. West Coast Tavern

What to try: Hot Wings and 5-spiced wings

2895 University Avenue, North Park. (619) 295-1688 or

What are your favorite spots to go for chicken wings?

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