• Jarnard Sutton

Behind the Stick with Rachel Eap: How to make the Strawberry Fields

The Strawberry Fields is a refreshing take on a Strawberry Lemonade. It's not too sweet and it's not too sour. I'ts the perfect any time drink at PB Alehouse. The top bartender, Rachel Eap, sat down with the Nardcast to chat about this delicious concoction.

Strawberry Fields


Courtesy photo Jarnard Sutton
  • 1 - 2 strawberries

  • 2 oz. Ketle One Vodka

  • .50 oz. Agave nectar

  • Dash of lemon juice

  • Soda Water

Garnish: lemon wedge

What’s the origin of the Strawberry Fields?

It was made to be a classic, any time, kind of drink for PB Alehouse.

How would you describe the taste to someone who hasn’t had this before?