• Jarnard Sutton

Behind the Stick with Shane Drosi of OB Warehouse

Orange-infused vodka, lemon juice and Genepy des Alpes is the perfect summertime libation. Shane Drosi, bartender of OB Warehouse, shares this crisp, refreshing and herbaceous cocktail and chats about his journey leading up to his bartending role at OB Warehouse in Ocean Beach.

Tool Belt


photo courtesy Jarnard Sutton

3 basil leaves .50 oz simple syrup .50 oz lemon juice 1.50 oz orange-infused vodka .50 oz Genepy des Alpes Splash of soda water Garnish with orange wheel

What’s the origin of The Toolbelt?

All cocktails at OB Warehouse are named after tools, and this is one we needed to add to our tool belt. It was created when searching for the perfect summer cocktail that utilized fresh, local ingredients, and would be refreshing after a day spent at the beach.

How would you describe the taste?

It's refreshing, crisp and herbaceous.

What would be the key component in this drink?

A variety of fresh oranges and Genepy de Alpes.

What's the process of infusing oranges with Absolut?

We use a minimum of five different orange varieties. We peel the oranges and remove any pith left on the peel. We infuse the vodka for a minimum of two weeks. When you see a distinct color change and layers of orange oil, it is time to enjoy!