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Must-try spots for Mac 'n Cheese in San Diego

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Do you sleep, eat and practically breathe cheese? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Medical studies have shown that cheese is naturally, highly addictive. Next time you’re looking to feed your cravings for something extra cheesy, ditch the blue box mix of Mac ‘n’ Cheese and venture into the workings of these San Diego restaurants that are serving unique takes on the classic Mac. Here are a few of our favorites.

Mac & Cheese | WESTROOT Tavern

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The newly opened WESTROOT Tavern introduces a menu that encompasses fresh, handcrafted dishes that are infused with SoCal flair. Passion is at the forefront of WESTROOT’s core and it’s reflected in their popular mac & cheese recipe. The four-cheese mac is loaded with roasted Poblano beer cheese, sharp cheddar, provolone and cotija cheese, having locals licking the plate and coming back for more.

Breakfast Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese | Breakfast Republic

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Who says you can’t wake up to a bowl of the cheesy stuff? With locations in North Park and Liberty Station, Breakfast Republic is quickly becoming one of San Diego’s preferred places to enjoy a mix of breakfast for lunch (and even dinner!). This fresh and quirky spot invites breakfast lovers to have mac ‘n cheese for breakfast and their version of this popular dish is no “yolk.” Their Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese is made of macaroni, cheddar cheese, jack cheese, bacon and topped with three eggs any style, parmesan bread crumbs and chives. Add a sweet bite and upgrade to their famous Jurassic Pork Bacon.

Three Meat Mac ‘n’ Cheese | Backyard Kitchen & Tap

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Backyard Kitchen & Tap, located in Pacific Beach, has a laid back environment to enjoy outdoor seating, fire pits and the choice between an indoor or outdoor bar. This cozy American eatery highlights an extensive list of coastal dishes posing a hard decision for customers when it comes time to ordering. However, the decision will be easily made with one glance at their hearty Three Meat Mac ‘n’ Cheese that includes andouille sausage, Tasso ham, bacon, rigatoni, white cheddar cream and a crispy parmesan crust.

Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese | Common Theory Public House

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Nestled in Convoy, Common Theory offers great food combined with quality beer, all served in a hip and welcoming atmosphere. An awesome selection of beer usually ensures an equally flavorful menu, and this holds true for Common Theory’s Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese.This rich dish is served with shitake mushrooms, parmesan cheese and bacon. A fork-full of noodles and a swig of an artisanal beer creates the perfect recipe for a meal to remember.

Mac n’ Cheese | Encontro

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Encontro, located in the heart of North Park, is a community hub where craft beer and authentic cuisine assemble flawlessly. This local hot spot showcases large windows, copper countertops and an overall industrial vibe, allowing customers to have a visual feast. Meanwhile, their Mac n’ Cheese that’s made with aged cheddar and American cheese is just as rich. The kicker to the dish? The notes of cremini mushrooms and parsley.

Smoked Tomato & Jalapeno Mac ‘n’ Cheese | Barrel Republic

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Oceanside’s Barrel Republic is the mecca for craft beer connoisseurs as its “freedom to pour” system encourages tastings of a variety of their 48+ beers on tap. To bring out different flavor palates of the hops, Barrel Republic serves a helping of Smoked Tomato & Jalapeno Mac ‘n’ Cheese that’s topped with queso fresco and scallions. Embrace the beer belly and make room because you don’t want to miss out on this feast.

Tomato Bacon & Gouda Mac | West Coast Tavern

Photo courtesy Jarnard Sutton

West Coast Tavern, located in the heart of North Park, is making some mouthwatering mac n' cheese for its diners. Their Tomato Bacon & Gouda Mac is served with tomato broth, cherry tomato, smoked gouda, bacon bread crumbs and topped with a New York steak. You can enjoy this flavorful dish with a nice glass a wine, a delicious cocktail or a craft beer.

Gather round, raise a fork-load of noodles and celebrate whoever decided to combine macaroni with cheese at these San Diego locations!

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