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Dunedin North Park Expands New Zealand-Inspired Menu by Adding Weekend Brunch

Photo courtesy Dunedin North Park

New Zealand-inspired Dunedin North Park, part of the local Kiwi-family of restaurants, Queenstown Public House, Raglan Public House, and Bare Back Grill, has just added a thoroughly palate-pleasing weekend brunch menu in addition to its current popular lunch and dinner selections.

Photo courtesy Dunedin North Park

Pictured: Dutch Pancake & Fried Chicken / Photo courtesy: Dunedin North Park

The comfort food-centric brunch menu is now available from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday and has a varied combination of sharable and main dishes inspired by New Zealand and American cuisine.

Pictured: Quiche / Photo courtesy: Dunedin North Park

Some of the distinct dishes found on the menu include a béchamel bread pudding croque madame, a dutch-baked pancake with fried chicken, steak with shrimp and grits, and a traditional “Kiwi Breakfast” consisting of scrambled eggs, English baked beans, sausage, roasted tomato and potatoes.

photo courtesy Dunedin North Park

Pictured: Mimosas for $1 during brunch for the month of February / Photo courtesy: Dunedin North Park via Facebook

Signature mimosas ($1 during brunch), Sangria, champagne cocktails, beer cocktails, soju-based Bloody Marys, porch sun tea and hand-shaken lemonade are all options to perfectly pair with any plate.

For the rest of February, their refreshing mimosas will be $1 during brunch. Beginning March 1, They will start a campaign called 'beat the clock' mimosas. Mimosas will start out costing 50 cents at 9 a.m. and every half-hour they go up in price by 50 cents until brunch ends at 2 p.m.

“This menu further expands our mission to share our appreciation of New Zealand culture and cuisine with the community,” said PJ Lamont, co-owner of Dunedin North Park. “We added some of our very own personal favorite traditional brunch dishes and incorporated them with popular ingredients in New Zealand to create new and unique dishes we truly love, and hope our guests will too.”

Here's a glance at Dunedin North Park's menu.

Photo courtesy Dunedin North Park

Dunedin North Park first opened serving lunch and dinner in July 2016 after the completion of the property styled by local acclaimed designer Michael Soriano of Onairos Design. His inspiration for creating the warm, comfortable, and thought-provoking ambiance respectfully incorporates aspects of the native New Zealand Maori culture and the Southeastern region of New Zealand where the coastal city of Dunedin is located. The “koru” design, a traditional spiral symbol representing an unfurling silver fern frond signifying new life and growth within the Maori culture, was chosen as Dunedin’s logo as it also directly relates to the dynamic changes taking place throughout the community of North Park.

Dunedin North Park

3501 30th St., North Park. (619) 255-8566 or

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