• Jarnard Sutton

Behind the Stick with Eric Long of False Idol

Tiki fans, you're in for a tropical treat. If you haven't been to the hidden tiki bar, False Idol, located inside Craft & Commerce in Little Italy, you're definitely missing out. This tropical paradise offers some strong tiki-inspired cocktails such as the Mai Tai. Eric Long, bar manager of False Idol, shares the recipe for the Mai Tai on the latest edition of 'Behind the Stick.'

Mai Tai


Photo courtesy Jarnard Sutton

.75 oz hand squeezed lime juice

.25 oz house Orgeat

.25 oz Mai Tai Rich Simple

2 oz Denizen Merchants Reserve Rum

Garnish with lime half and mint sprig

What's makes a good Mai Tai?

Quality ingredients and attention to the measurements. Too much orgeat will throw off the balance of this cocktail. When everything is done right, it’s pure rum bliss.

Describe the taste.

Sharp, refreshing and 100% delicious.

What's the key component of this drink?

The rum! Besides the obvious, it has to be our orgeat. It’s labor intensive, we start from scratch and make our own almond milk, but compare it to any other orgeat and you will find yourself choosing this one every time.

When choosing a rum, why did you go with the Denizen Merchants Reserve Rum?

It’s a blend of pot still Jamaican rums and a Martinique rums. Historically, Trader Vic used Aged Wray & Nephew, but with the growing popularity of the Mai Tai, well, the supply of those rums depleted. So, he went to Martinique rums and Denizen embodies the history of the Mai Tai in a single pour!