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  • Maria Wiles

A gourmet trifecta opens in Hillcrest: BO-Beau Kitchen, Libertad and caché

Hillcrest has been increasingly establishing itself as a neighborhood with a whole lot of taste. This culinary revolution hasn’t gone unnoticed as the Cohn Restaurant Group has just announced they will be introducing three new culinary concepts set to open in the neighborhood next month.

Since first opening the original location of Corvette Diner on University Ave in 1987, David and Lesley Cohn of the restaurant group have been interested in investing in the development of the Hillcrest neighborhood. Their new restaurants, set to open late April 2017, will feature Libertad (the city’s first for-charity restaurant), caché (a speakeasy counterpart) and a fourth location of the hospitality group’s successful BO-beau kitchen collective.


Dining for a good cause! Libertad will be San Diego’s first for-charity eatery with 100% of the profits donated to a local charity that will change monthly. Executive Chef Beltran, an accomplished chef with nearly three decades of industry experience, will direct the menu. The eatery will derive inspiration from international travel with the menu highlighting Latin heritage. Guests can dig into elevated, authentic south-of- the-border dishes such as duck confit and octopus made in-house on La Caja China and prepared over coal or “a la brasa.” One of the best parts? After midnight, Libertad will transform into a walk-up storefront with late-night snacks served out of a Dutch door for grab-and-go access.


From their historic wax paper walls and plush furnishings to their handcrafted cocktails and international wines, caché will make speak-easy lovers say “oh la la.” This 19th century-inspired Parisian cocktail bar will be hidden behind Libertad. Not to mention, well-seasoned bartender Cervantes Magana will be shaking things up behind the pine.


BO-beau Kitchen has a history in San Diego with locations in Ocean Beach, Long Beach and La Mesa. The Hillcrest location will have that same “je ne sais quoi” as its counterparts with Chef Beltran crafting a Cal-French-inspired menu in a rustic farmhouse aesthetic.

Guests are sure to be transported to the city of love with their hearty Burger Royale, as well as new dishes from chefs Alex Weltz and Edgar Sierra.

BO-beau kitchen + caché and Libertad will be located at 1023 and 1027 University Avenue in Hillcrest. Opening is anticipated for late-April 2017.


Maria Wiles is a local writer, Buffalo NY transplant and self-proclaimed chicken wing connoisseur. When she is not talking about her love affair with food, she can be found in child's pose at a yoga class or rollerblading on the Mission Beach boardwalk. Follow her on instagram.

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