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An egg-celent choice, Cafe 222 highlights Eggs Benedict as featured dish this month

Photo courtesy Cafe 222

The best thing about April might just be eggs Benedict dishes; which is why Cafe 222 serves three different varieties to honor one of America's favorite breakfasts throughout the month as the restaurant continues its 25th birthday countdown.

Paying homage to a dish that was originally created to treat a Wall Street-worthy hangover, Terryl Gavre's Marina District cafe offers three versions of eggs Benedict dishes served on oversized house-baked English muffins topped with poached eggs, ham or pork patty and hollandaise, served with grilled potatoes. The vegetarian option, Benedict Arnold, is topped with spinach and tomatoes. Gavre chose eggs Benedict as the featured dish for April in honor of National Eggs Benedict Day on Sunday, April 16.

Gavre opened Cafe 222 over Labor Day weekend in 1992 with money made from selling her life story to Lifetime TV. Through the years, the quaint cafe has been featured in Gourmet Magazine; on Food Network as Bobby Flay’s choice for the show, “Best Thing I Ever Ate;” in USA Today; and many others. Gavre’s ‘claim to fame’ is waffles, and you can see her smiling mug all over downtown San Diego with a waffle on her head.

Terryl Gavre started working in the restaurant business when she was just 15-years-old, and has since become one of the most popular restaurateurs in Southern California. A native of Seattle, she got her start in hospitality through a business she developed in her early '20s called “The Surrogate Wife.” Through her unique business model, which offered shopping, baking and cooking, among other domestic errands to some of Seattle’s most well-known high-income bachelors, she attracted national media attention and wrote a screenplay that became a made-for-television movie titled, “This Wife for Hire.”

Cafe 222, located at 222 Island Ave in the Marina District of San Diego, opened in 1992 and has grown with the surrounding area to become a staple for locals and visitors alike. Owned and operated by restaurateur, Terryl Gavre, Cafe 222 features a cozy interior that reflects the quirky, eclectic cooking style of Gavre. The menu features an array of creative breakfast and lunch dishes, including pumpkin waffles, which were featured in Gourmet Magazine, and peanut butter and banana stuffed French toast, which were highlighted on Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate.” Cafe 222 was awarded the Gold Medallion for ‘Best Breakfast’ by the San Diego chapter of the California Restaurant Association 13 times since 2003.

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