• Jarnard Sutton

Bold, Soulful Mexican Kitchen and Bar has arrived downtown San Diego

Photo courtesy Curadero

It’s time to get your fix! The much-anticipated soulful, coastal Mexican kitchen, Curadero, has arrived downtown. Derived from Curandero, or native healer, Curadero is a place to gather and be healed of hunger, hangover, boredom or anything else that ails you. It’s a vibrant place where urban lifestyle and bold, flavorful Mexican food collide.

Curadero / Photo courtesy Curadero

Curadero was created by award-winning interior architects, Studio Unltd. The interior is a vibrant, sociable space that exudes an undeniably alluring south of the border feel, with a nod towards San Diego’s coastal vibe. Large, bright murals depicting medicine men by Mexican muralist Neuzz are balanced by beautiful brickwork and rustic textures. Colorful tiles are found throughout, adorning a sit-down crudo bar, as well as Curadero’s cocktail bar. Beautiful, mixed metal lighting further sets the tone, while the open and airy dining room complete the cantina-style vibe that beckons a gathering of family and friends.