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[Video] Progressive Dinner at The Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch recap

The Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch in Carmel Valley hosted its first three-course progressive dinner. It was a fun experience. Here's a quick video recap of the night.

Kudos to WESTROOT for kicking off the evening with some delicious appetizers, stiff cocktails and chill live music. After having their five-spiced wings and a Negroni, the second destination was Dolce, which served us an entree with a wine to pair with it. I had the Pesto Cream and a red wine to pair with it. It was the perfect combination. The weather was great for sitting outside on their patio. To close out the evening, we strolled over to Crudo for a relaxing cup of coffee and dessert. It was hard deciding between the Nutellamisu + Hazelnut Ice Cream and the Lemon Tart. I went with the lemon tart.

This was a fun experience and would definitely do this again! We will keep you posted on the next progressive dinner!

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